Featured Artist Marc Hoeflich

Tell us a little about yourself, how you came to clay, what inspires you and any advice you might have for someone new to the art form.

Marc’s creativity was likely born in his father and grandfather’s factory in Brooklyn where Marc spent a good deal of time as a child. This “maker” environment was ripe with inspiration—tools, gadgets, and stacks of copies of Architectural Record Magazine. Eventually studying Architecture at New York Institute of Technology, Marc fed his passion for creative expression studying art, ancient artifacts, and buildings. More than just an observer, Marc became an artist and painter himself.

22 years ago while on vacation in Fire Island Pines, a friend of Marc’s brought out a bag of clay. After that weekend, molding, shaping and playing with the clay, Marc was hooked. He enrolled in a pottery class, and one class led to the next. And the next. He built his skills and technique, starting first with hand building, then moving to using the wheel, and eventually building a pottery studio in his home.

Marc’s pieces reflect his love of nature, both land and sea. In addition to the inspiration of antiquities (Asian, European, and the Americas) and midcentury designs, he draws on the memories of the beautiful pieces in his parent’s home, expressing a sentimentality in clay but reinventing it with a new twist.

Marc’s creativity and skill with pottery is matched by his generosity as many of this friends, family, and coworkers know. He made a conscious decision to not sell his work, but gives these personal expressions of himself to people he knows and who he knows will treasure the work as much as he does creating it.