Friends of The Potters Wheel

Community Outreach

Pottery Wheel Classes for Beginners & Advanced Students

Your Gift can bring Art to
Children and Seniors

Sponsor-a-Child through one of our ongoing programs for a hand's on experience that stimulates creativity, fine motors skills, and language development.
Your generous $25 gift to our Summer Camp Scholarship Fund will pay for clay, glazes and firing costs for 1 child for 1 week.
A $100 donation will provide a child a month of creative construction.
For $175, one camper will enjoy the entire summer program that will explore the historic and social impact of ceramics.
By committing $350, two very lucky children will benefit from your generosity.

Our Seniors' Program seeks to engage our community elders and provides a stimulating environment for learning and social interactions. The three-dimensional nature of the material creates a physical connection for the seniors in the program

Your generous $50 gift to our Seniors' Scholarship Fund will pays for clay, glazes and firing costs for 1 senior for 1 week.
By contributing $150, seniors can complete many projects that they design while expanding their knowledge.

Does your employer have a matching gift program? Your gift goes even further making an even bigger impact.



Community Outreach Program
Once one of the most abundant building materials on the planet, clay is now less accessible to the general population. It's uses are varied, and transformative. In the end result, it is a functional artifact with which we make daily contact, and as a form of artistic expression, it transforms it's physical state and is a personal connection to the maker.

Friends of The Potter's Wheel is a community outreach program to make the ceramic arts more accessible to the general public, particularly young people and seniors in cooperation with schools, community centers and not-for-profit organizations.

Friends of the Potter's Wheel is dedicated to providing the borough of Queens access to the Ceramic Arts through classes; master workshops; and exhibitions. We believe the Ceramic Arts can help unleash creative potential as well as being both a physical and emotional healing agent for individuals.

We are a ceramic community using clay as a medium to bring people together in a creative environment that fosters communication, cooperation, and learning in our teaching of ceramic construction techniques.

Our aim is to share our knowledge and enthusiasm of the ceramic arts with the community and build relationships through our classes and activities. We seek to impart a positive experience enabling participants to increase their confidence and self-worth.

We teach classes in ceramic techniques: sculpture, hand building and wheel for youth, adults and seniors.