Artist of the Month Flo Kaczorowski

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, how you came to clay, what inspires you and any advice you might have for someone new to the art form.
A: Newly graduated from college, a chance bus ride past a pottery studio made me curious to learn more. I remembered watching a potter on a public television show as a child, seemingly making magic with a lump of clay. Visiting that pottery studio made me realize I wanted in on that magic! Several years of evening classes in the fun and supportive environment at The Potter’s Wheel, as well as numerous outside workshops with master potters prepared me for teaching. My students have brought me much joy and many challenges, as we each help each others’ work grow. Though my work on the wheel tends to recall classic forms, I try to make each one unique, incorporating a modern feel. I have also been influenced by flowers and plants in all their stages from buds to leaves and flowers, including fruits and vegetables. I hope that every experience in life has helped form me as a potter and a creative person.